MagicFrames 2, Win

MagicFrames 2, Win
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ManufacturerHuman Software
Our Part # HUM406

MagicFrames 2 features :
* A huge number of ready made frames for all your images!
* Manage an unlimited number of layers of effects
* You can combine actions, shadows, blurs, emboss, gradients, distortions, bump maps to create a very unique edge
* Create your own frame, amazing results are guaranteed and tons of fun!!!
* Easy as 1, 2 and 3!

MagicFrames lets you design unlimited high-quality image frames and borders for your images. You can combine and customize any of the included 2000+ natural and digital frames or create your own . You can experiment with edge effects, colors, blends, shadows, textures, blurs, gradients and much more to create the perfect frame.

MagicFrames is the MOST ADVANCED FRAMING PLUG-IN tool in the market: 2000 ready made frames plus up to 30 different actions can be combined together through more than 700 basic edges and 500 basic seamless tiles.

Do not spend twice more with another plug-in, at a very affordable price you have the most powerful engine for endless creativity.

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