Asiva Photo Win

Asiva Photo Win
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Make corrections, enhancements and effects precisely, without time-consuming masks. Control the roll-off on all your operations and blend colors gradually into one another. Turn operations on and off at will for instant comparison. Change the order of operations in any sequence and save your sequence independently. Powerful brush tool to apply pixel-accurate effects. Render final images offline after the creative work is done.

* Works in 16 bit per component mode for greater bandwidth and precision
* Retouch detail only where it is needed
* Sharpen or soften edges
* Clean up distracting backgrounds
* Balance saturation: reduce hot spots while boosting poor chroma
* Create special effects
* Correct entire image or any portion of the image easily
* Intuitive interface means you can use the basic software immediately, then use power features as you progress.
* Work in unlimited resolution file sizes without sacrificing performance

Technical Information
* Supports single frame images of unlimited resolution or size. Only constrained by the available memory, file format and drive space of your computer.
* Independent program - not a plug-in.
* No extensions to create confusion with your other applications.
* Highly stable code won't leave you stranded at critical moments.
* Mac Version uses Apple ColorSync technology to match color throughout the process: input source, display and final rendering. What you see is truly what you get.
* Supports RGB, HSI and HSV or CMYK, HSI and HSV color spaces simultaneously. Automatically reads the image source and changes color mode as needed.
* Supports TIFF (8 or 16-bit RGB or CMYK), PICT (Mac Version only) and JPEG (CMYK too!).
* Internal 16-bit per component processing for greater bandwidth and precision.

System Requirements:
* Mac OS 8.6 thru OS X 10.4.8
* At least 32MB of available RAM
* Virtual memory must be off
* 24-bit color card
* CD-ROM Drive
* PC with Pentium-Class or AMD-K6 processor
* 128 MB of total RAM
* 24-bit display adapter
* Microsoft Windows® 2000/XP
* Approximately 80 MB of hard disk space
* CD-ROM Drive
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