MajorCitiesUSA Illustrator, Mac/Win

MajorCitiesUSA Illustrator, Mac/Win
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Major Cities USA is a set of ready-to-use, royalty-free Adobe Illustrator files for 36 of the largest metropolitan areas in the United States. Additional files are also available for smaller areas within some of the larger metro regions. There are 44 files in total.

Please note that these files are NOT finished maps. They are plain, Adobe Illustrator files consisting of black lines, polygons & points on a white 8.5x11 inch page in the orientation which is best for the extents of the particular coverage area. No cartography has been done to the layers, meaning that no colours, labels or other design work has been applied. The complete styling of the map is left to you, the cartographer or graphics professional.

These files were created from US Census Bureau TIGER® 2000 data files and form the perfect base for cartographic production of the largest US metropolitan areas - with or without MAPublisher.

Each Adobe Illustrator file contains separate layers for each map feature. Up to 12 different feature types are included for each area.* For areas encompassing more than one county, individual county data files have been grouped to form a single Illustrator layer. For example, in the Miami-Fort Lauderdale area all the linear water features for the 3 counties are on a single layer. The only exception is with road files which are on a separate layer for each county in a coverage area.

Each layer includes a table of attribute data identifying each feature according to its unique characteristics such as name and type. For example, a road layer would have a data table containing the road name and road type and a water layer may have a data table containing the water body name and type. Using the MAPublisher Select by Attribute tool along with the documention included with each file, features of certain types can be easily found and stylized, labeled or deleted as desired. Other MAPublisher tools such as Transform Scale and Projection Editor may also be used to prepare your Illustrator file for the cartographic work to follow. The data table for each layer may be used for labeling purposes using the MAP Tagger Tool or Feature Text Label and in combination with the documentation the MAPublisher legend tools can be used to symbolize and stylize your map features. You can even use these files as a base upon which you can overlay your own data!
Ultimately how you use these Illustrator files is up to you.

Available layers include:* (more layer details)
- county boundaries
- key georgaphic locations
- landmark points
- landmark lines
- landmark polygons
- miscellaneous transportation
- places
- railroads
- roads
- urban areas
- water lines
- water polygons
*Not all layers may be present for all counties.

- all geographic data has been imported and laid out in Adobe Illustrator in a ready-to-use presentation.
- for areas covering multiple counties, like feature types have been combined on single layers. (except for roads)
- all files are geographically referenced and scaled and include the geographic information necessary to transform or project using MAPublisher and to use with additional data files.
- all road and water line layers have been pre-joined to facilitate easier labeling, style application, legending and searching.
- all road attribute name columns have been concatonated so that the complete name, including road type (street, avenue etc.) and directional variable, is available to facilitate easier labeling and identification.
- all layers come complete with an attribute table containing unique information for each map feature.

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