MAPublisher Lt. Freehand, Mac

MAPublisher Lt. Freehand, Mac
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MAPublisher Lt is a striped down version of the full versions of MAPublisher that comes with GIS file import support and feature selection capabilities for a subset of the formats supported by the full versions. MAPublisher LT for Adobe Illustrator and Macromedia FreeHand imports raw GIS data files from Mac, PC or UNIX systems directly into the high end graphics environment with all attributes intact.

MAPublisher Lt lets you import vector data (shapes, boundaries, routes, elevations, etc.) from MapInfo, ARC/INFO, ArcView, AutoCAD, MicroStation (with optional add-on) and others with all of the drawings data attributes intact. MAPublisher Lt incorporates GIS object management tools such as feature selection and query logic tools for easy data selection.

New to the Illustrator 10 and FreeHand 9/10 version is the inclusion of the MAPublisher 5.0 import engine, complete with multi-file import, import-to-layer, dxf 14 support and import of MapInfo and dxf stroke colours and polygon fills functionality.

Use MAPublisher LT to GEOenable your websites or for simply importing your GIS/CAD files into high end graphics programs.

This is the low cost, timesaving solution to print and electronic publishing of map files. You have the comfort of knowing it's based on proven MAPublisher technology, so you can be sure of the very best reproduction of your work.

MAPublisher Lt contains:
* MAPublisher GIS file import support for:
* MapInfo mid/mif
* ArcInfo Ungenerate (.lin, .pnt & .pol)
* Arcview shapefile
* AutoCAD 12 (DXF)
* AutoCAD 14 (DXF) (AI10/FH9/10 version only)
* Arcinfo Export (e00) (with optional add-on)
* MicroStation (dgn) (with optional add-on)
* USGS DLG (SDTS & optional)
* MAP Selection Tools
* Simultaneous file import and import to layer capabilities.
* MAP Location Tool
* MAPublisher SelStats (Show Hide Number Selected)

Note: Some functions of MAPublisher Lt are available ONLY when working in Illustrator 10 and FreeHand 9/10/MX.
Note: MAPublisher Lt is not compatible with FreeHand 9 on Mac OS.
Note: MAPublisher Lt is not upgradeable to any full version of MAPublisher.

Sytem Requirements

- Mac OS 9.x
- Freehand 10/MX

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