MAPublisher 6 & MAPdata USA Win

MAPublisher 6 & MAPdata USA Win
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MAPublisher 6.0

MAPublisher 6.0 for Illustrator is powerful map production software for creating cartographic-quality maps from GIS data. Developed as a suite of plug-ins for Adobe Illustrator, MAPublisher leverages the superior graphics capabilities of this graphics design software.

New features in MAPublisher 6.0 for Adobe Illustrator
* Adobe Illustrator CS compatible
* Floating licensing option availability
* New MAP Views palette to easily manage MAPublisher layers and co-ordinate systems
* New MAP Stylesheets palette to easily create, manage and apply map feature symbols and styles
* Support for Adobe Illustrator symbols and styles
* Drag-and-drop map layers between projections for automatic transformation
* Drag-and-drop symbolization and styling with new MAP Stylesheets function
* New "Simple Import" map data import option for quick and easy map data import
* Automatic projection transformation upon data import
* Support for many more local and international projections and co-ordinate systems
* Create and save custom co-ordinate systems
* Single-click automatic centering and re-positioning of page anchors
* Import support for AutoCAD DWG & DXF 2000, Arcinfo .gen, MapInfo .tab, MicroStation V8 and TIGER/Line files
* Import support for Arcview shape .prj files
* Export support for AutoCAD DXF & DWG, Arcinfo .e00 & .gen, MapInfo .tab, and MicroStation DGN files
* Automatic grain calculation and data simplification on import
* Automated text placement can now be directed to a specific document layer

MAPdataUSA 2K is a compilation of data for the United States and Puerto Rico that forms the perfect map base for mapping anywhere in the 50 states, DC and Puerto Rico.
MAPdataUSA 2K was produced from the US Census Department TIGER/Line 2000 files and contains as many as 43 data layers in Shapefile format for all 3000+ counties in the US and Puerto Rico. Also included are special polylined or joined layers for each county's road and water networks. The polylined road layers also include concatenated road name fields for ease of labeling and selection.
Two additional bonus layers are included for ZIP code tabulation areas and county boundaries by state.
This is the first complete set of TIGER 2000 data available on CD and the only source of joined roads and water layers.
This is a royalty-free data set that allows for the unrestricted use of all files for the design and creation of maps for print and/or electronic distribution.

MAPdataUSA 2K is available on CD by individual state or as an entire national set in a 19 CD library.

Aside from the convenience of having the entire TIGER 2000 data available at your fingertips in a nice 19-CD set, MAPdataUSA 2K has the following key features:

* presented in a widely used GIS file format (shape files)
* organized by state and county using proper names
* includes pre-joined (polylined) roads and water lines for each county
* includes ZIP code tabulation areas and separate county boundary by state files
* includes full TIGER/Line documentation in pdf format
* based upon the most current US Census data
* up to 43 data layers per county
* roads name columns have been concatenated for ease of labeling and selecting
* handy index for quickly locating state and county files
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