PDF Seps2Comp 1.7, Mac

PDF Seps2Comp 1.7, Mac
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PDF Seps2Comp is a powerful Adobe® Acrobat® page composition utility that enables prepress professionals to transform their separated PDF files into composite documents, resulting in a live, editable document that can be manipulated and saved in the same manner as any other PDF file.

An essential tool for print and prepress professionals, PDF Seps2Comp decreases production time and expenses, and provides the last link to a truly composite workflow. Use the PDF Seps2Comp Preview feature to inspect overprinting of pre-separated files. Turn color plates on and off, zoom in, and inspect trapping. PDF Seps2Comp supports many types of object conversion to allow for either Adobe PostScript® Level 2 or 3 output devices.

* Automatic Ink Set creation
* Create and save Custom Ink Sets
* Ships with PANTONE® libraries
* Preview mode allows inspection of overprints and trapping
* Set preferences for Adobe PostScript Level 2 or 3
* Supports separated files from a wide range of applications: Adobe InDesign®, QuarkXPress™, ArtPro™, Adobe Illustrator®, Microsoft® Publisher®, Adobe FrameMaker® and many more.
* OPI comments appear on each separation are properly combined in the composite file
* Automatically save combined halftone information in final composite file

Why PDF Seps2Comp?
PDF Seps2Comp 1.7 plug-in for Acrobat solves several long-standing problems with an all-PDF prepress workflow. Acrobat users no longer have to return to their original application to edit and regenerate their separated PDF files, eliminating a potentially lengthy and expensive exchange between designers and printers.

System Requirements:
* Adobe Acrobat 4.0.5 or newer
* Power Macintosh
* Mac OS 8.6 or 9.x
* * NOT Compatible with OS X *
* 32Mb RAM, 128Mb