ModelShop, Mac

ModelShop, Mac
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ManufacturerDigital Element
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Have you ever needed to line a picture of a street with streetlamps? See what a garden would look like with a bench? Show a city what the street would look like with a new building? This can all be done in 3D programs, but do you really want to have to load a 3D program to modify a picture?

Modelshop is the Photoshop User's answer to 3D.

Like Verdant and Aurora, Modelshop is easy to use and fast. Within minutes you can add any of the thousands of models available online to your picture - right from within Photoshop. All you do is:
1. Open the model file
2. Rotate it and scale it
3. Add light sources and a shadow floor
4. Click Okay

Where do I get models?
Modelshop ships with 50 common models and model packs will be available soon through Digital Element and its Partners. Model themes include outdoor accessories, street signs and posts, ships, planes, docks and people. You can also purchase models a la carte from any of our partners. Best of all, there are tens of thousands of models available online for purchase.

What Kind of Models Does Modelshop Support?
Currently, Modelshop supports LWO, 3DS, OBJ and DXF formats. Models can be textured and untextured. Modelshop also supports 3DS animations. Models with multiple child parts can be brought in and individual parts turned on or off. DE plans to expand the number of formats Modelshop supports.

Do I need to know anything about 3D modeling to use Modelshop?
Absolutely not. You will need to learn how to move and rotate a model so it looks right in the scene. To cast a shadow you need to learn how to set a Shadow Plane. A Shadow Plane is the ground, or a wall, on which a shadow is cast. Setting light sources is just like Verdant and it is very simple.

Why not use clipart?
Clip art is great if you happen to have the exact right royalty-free piece at the right angle right in front of you - and you have an extra ten minutes to draw the shadow. Once you own a model in Modelshop it's royalty free and you can use it at any size at any angle. You'll save hours searching for clipart that is only 90% perspectively correct. With Modelshop we deal with shadows and lighting.

Can I have multiple models in the same pic?
Yes - Modelshop supports multiple models simultaneously. Load them manipulate them, and set render quality.

How fast is Modelshop? What is the quality of the picture?
The quality and speed of rendering all depends on the complexity of the model, the quality of the shadow you desire, and the speed of your computer. The higher the quality of the model and the higher the quality of the shadow, the longer it takes to completely render the picture. The Render time is the time between when you press okay and are done with using Modelshop and the time it takes for you to be back in Photoshop.

System Requirements
Minimum Requirements
* 256MB RAM
* PowerPC G3 350 MHz
* 60MB of Hard Drive space for installation
* 3D-accelerated, OpenGL-enabled video card with 32+M of Video RAM
* 1024x768,high color monitor
* CD-ROM drive

Recommended Requirements:
* 512MB RAM
* PowerPC G4 or G5
* 120MB Hard Drive space for installation
* 3D-accelerated, OpenGL-enabled video card with 64+Mb of Video RAM
* 1024x768, true color monitor
* CD-ROM drive