Letter Parts - Block

Letter Parts - Block
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A complete alphabet created from old letter blocks. Use as initial caps or string a few together to create kid-friendly words and headlines. Each letter has six variations and is supplied in four colors (regular, blue, magenta, ochre). Plus seach image contains an embedded path for easy outlining and modification. All 624 images are supplied in both high- and low-resolution JPEG format.

Art Parts offers many different collections of unique, high-quality black & white woodcut style clip art. At last count, we have created somewhere over 6,000 images. Each image is available in three glorious formats: Mac EPS, PC EPS, or JPG. We also offer full-page, full-color illustrations sold either individually or as CD collections. The good news is that they are just as goofy, yet useful, as Art Parts Clip Art. Each illustration is available in High and Low Resolution. We sell individual, categorized sets as well as CD compilations.
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