Opus Pro XE

Opus Pro XE
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ManufacturerDigital Workshop
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Opus Pro XE takes the exisiting functionality of Opus Pro and adds a series of additional features designed specifically for professional multimedia developers.

These features include:
* Copy protection - which restricts publication to running only from the CD-ROM.
* Timing Information - it is now possible to record the amount of time spent on a publication - useful for billing clients.
* Author Information - allows users to attach notes to any page, so you can easily share your work and comments with clients and colleagues.
* Compatibility with the AICC standard for Learning Management Systems.
* Time limited evaluation versions can be published to offer even more protection of intellectual property and copyrighted work.
* Videos can be embedded to preserve their copyright.
* A new preview timescale allows you to mark activity in your publication to note precise timings.

Opus Pro XE truly gives professional developers all the tools they require to produce multimedia work that goes "beyond the extraordinary".


*NOT Compatible with Windows Vista*

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