INOVATE 8.0, Win

INOVATE 8.0, Win
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IronCAD is pleased to announce the latest release of the industries fastest and easiest to use 3D design solutions IronCAD and Inovate. Many customer driven feature enhancements have been implemented in this latest version including these key items:

* Draft Feature (Neutral Plane, Parting Line, and Step Parting Line)
* Face-Face and Full Round Blend Options
* Split Face Command by Projection, Silhouette, and By Part
* New 3D Curve Creation using the TriBall
* Patch Surface Creation from 1 or More Close Edges
* Configuration Based Bill of Material Support
* Custom Non-circular Detail View Creation Capabilities
* Perspective View Creation for Illustration
* Support for a Catia V5 Read/Write Translator
* Hide Selected/Unselected for Large Assembly Interaction
* Mechanism Mode for Bi-Directional Solving and Drag by Ray
* New 3D Positioning Constraints like Tangent, CAM, Fixed

3D Modeling Enhancements
* Draft Feature
Draft tapers faces using a specified angle on selected faces in the model. Once Draft is applied to a part, a draft feature will appear in the scene browser for reference and editing. Draft can be applied to solid or surface models

* Face-Face and Full Round Blend Options
Additional options are available in the Blend Command to help aid in more advance blend types. User can now add Face-Face and Full Round Blend Types to solid or surface models.

* Split Face Command
The Split Face Command projects a sketch (2D profile, existing edge, or 3D curve) to selected faces. It divides a selected face into multiple separate faces, enabling you to select each face. The Split Face Command can project onto a solid or surface body.

* 3D Curve Enhancement
The 3D Curve creation has been enhanced to allow the user to use the TriBall for precise placement of points. Using the TriBall, a user can move to the desired location and place the control point for the 3D Curve to pass through. This allows the user to have a powerful visualization and reference tool to the coordinate system without the need of knowing exact placement points.

* Snap Point Control Options for 3D Curve
A new toolbar is available for Snap Point Options when working with the 3D Curve. Users can enable the toolbar which has snap options like Point, Center Point, Intersection, and Midpoint. The Snap Point Options allow the user to reference near the desired option without having to select precisely on the desired location like the current IronCAD Snap. In future releases of IronCAD, the Snap Point Options will extend into other areas like 2D Sketch and 2D Drawings.

* Split 3D Curve
New options are available for users to split a 3D Curve using references like other 3D Curves and geometry. This allows users to create extended 3D Curves or use imported curves with the ability to modify the design by splitting the curve to the desired locations. After the split operation, the user can delete the segments no longer needed in the design or use the remaining segments in other commands like surfacing.

* Control handles at all point of Splines
Control handles are available on all control points on the 3D Curve Spline. This will allows users additional editing capabilities to control the tangency and magnitude along the spline. In addition, users can right-click on the handles to access alignment control options.

* 3D Helix Curve Generation
The 3D Curve Command has added the ability to create a 3D Helix. This curve can be used in conjunction with the Sweep command to create custom defined helix path curves. Options are available on the Helix Curve to change its position and Direction

* Surface Enhancements
A new surface creation type has been added to create a surface from multiple selected curves. The Patch surface works similar to a Edge Surface, however it can contain any number or edges that define the closed boundary (1 Curve minimum and unlimited Maximum). In addition, the Patch Surface can se
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