PhotoWebber Win V2.0

PhotoWebber Win V2.0
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PhotoWebber is by far the best way to convert Photoshop designs into web pages. It provides a better workflow than all other tools, including ImageReady and Fireworks.

PhotoWebber analyzes a Photoshop file as it imports it. PhotoWebber is looking for button states, popups, and is deciding how this design might need to be sliced and programmed. PhotoWebber is doing the work itself that other packages expect you, the user, to provide. When using PhotoWebber users are never more than 30 seconds away from having a working page. With other packages, users have many hours of hard tedious labor between them and their desired web page.

ImageReady and Fireworks can't even do graphical popup menus, and yet with PhotoWebber it could not be easier. And did we mention that all buttons and menu in PhotoWebber can cross frameset boundaries? That the graphics can be any shape? That the menu items do not have to be contiguous? Did we mention that frameset boundaries are simply dragged anywhere onto your document and PhotoWebber will handle the division, slicing, and programming? Did we mention that it supports Flash and QuickTime? There is much more to PhotoWebber than we've mentioned in this short overview. For getting Photoshop designs to the web, nothing compares to the power, ease of use, and elegance of PhotoWebber.

Features at a Glance:
* Instant Web Pages
* Buttons, Rollovers, Click States, and Popup Menus - Automatically
* Interactivity Preview
* Text as Text or Graphics
* QuickTime, Flash, Shockwave, Applet Support
* Page Alignment
* Back Seat Driver
* Works within Existing Site Structure (File Organization)
* Drag and Drop Frames
* Clean Readable HTML - Easy Editing in DreamWeaver or GoLive
* Incorporates Existing Site Content
(Working with DreamWeaver & GoLive)
* Tables or Style Sheets
(table granularity and preview)
* Devilish Details - Color Areas & Tiling

System Requirements
PhotoWebber works with Photoshop 3.0 or higher, including LE or any graphics application that can write layered .PSD files.

* Windows 95/98/me or NT/2000
* Pentium or higher
* 64MB RAM
* 30MB free hard disk space

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