PhotoCaster 3, Mac

PhotoCaster 3, Mac
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There are two ways to get Photoshop graphics into Director - the PhotoCaster way and the hard way. Before PhotoCaster, multimedia developers and artists had to spend untold hours tediously exporting, indexing, importing, repositioning, renaming, and cursing. Now that PhotoCaster has arrived those hours have just become free time.

What is PhotoCaster?
PhotoCaster is an Xtra for Macromedia Director that lets you bring your Photoshop files, layer by layer, into your Director cast with one click. Each layer appears as an individual cast member, indexed, anti-aliased, properly registered, transparency preserved and good to go!

* Create individual cast members from Photoshop layers Import Photoshop 3.0 or later files directly into your Director cast
* Import directly to the score
* Preview layers before importing
* Supports Director 5, 6, 7, 8, MX (and later)
* Supports Most Photoshop Layer FX (see FAQ for details)
* Supports alpha channels in those versions of Director that support them (7+)
* Control color mapping: 24-bit, current palette, or custom palette
* Generate a custom palette derived from the layers in your Photoshop file
* Text layers can be imported as text castmembers.
* Keeps layer registration Preserves anti-aliasing between layers
* Flatten linked layers into single cast members
* Optionally ignore hidden layers
* Improved color reduction and dithering
* Dithering to a specified number of colors
* Arbitrary selection of which layers to import
* Works seamlessly with Media Lab's AlphaMania Xtra for creation of AlphaMania cast members directly from Photoshop layers (supports multiple layer import)
* No lingo required

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