PolyTrans, Win

PolyTrans, Win
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Windows 98, 2000 and XP
* NOT Compatible with Vista *

PolyTrans is the most extensive and accurate 3D scene, CAD, animation and trimmed NURBS translation/viewing tool which creates "Render Ready" models of the highest fidelity. Using PolyTrans you'll never again have to spend hours hand-tweaking a translated model since PolyTrans converts every aspect of a 3d model, including all shading parameters, texture mapping coordinates, texture map information and (for selective converters) animation data. Just load the translated model into your favorite 3d program and press the render button - nothing could be simpler!

Key Features:
* Provides trimmed NURBS, animation conversion and complete scene conversion in a single integrated software package. Creates "Render Ready" models.
* Support for the most popular 3D file formats.
* PolyTrans "goes the extra mile" by handling and overcoming many tough translation problems.
* Translates and accurately maps all materials and texture maps so that they can be rendered faithfully in the target rendering program.
* Import objects and compose 3D scenes quickly using the real-time object manipulation functions.
* Allows all meshes, trimmed NURBS, vertex attributes, materials, shading parameters, texture map types, lights, cameras, hierarchy and animation to be imported, stored, translated and exported with high accuracy and fidelity.
* A variety of export options allow the converters to automatically triangulate the output data, cut holes out of meshes (when necessary) and tear apart the input data according to material assignment or grouping (used by the RIB and Wavefront export modules).
* High quality and dependable trimmed NURBS conversion. Performs NURBS to NURBS or NURBS to polygon conversions, such as with the IGES converters.
* Allows native import, playback and export of keyframe data. Includes keyframe resamplers & reducers.
* Robust polygon processing tools: weld, auto-unify, smoothing, remove redundant.
* Interactive light & camera placement plus interactive or numeric value modification. Also includes a light librarian for simple setup of pre-defined light sources.
* OpenGL shaded views, with real-time lighting & object texture mapping (version 3), real-time interactive object manipulation, texture backgrounds (version 3) and multi-threaded redraws.
* Import multiple files at the same time with auto-format detection.
* Intuitive 3d geometry batch translation capabilities with options to perform a wide array of polygon processing functions prior to export.
* Intuitive bitmap image batch translation capabilities (handles BMP, CEL, JPEG, GIF, Targa, TIFF, SoftImage, and others).
* Intuitive object picking using the mouse or the "Selector Window".
* Easy access to all scene contents via hierarchical 'Selector Window' for selecting, adding, deleting or renaming objects/lights/cameras/etc. Use drag-and-drop to change or create object hierarchies.
* Automatic 2D bitmap conversion between formats supported by each 3D file format. Some of these supported bitmap formats include: Alias|Wavefront IFF & PIX, Amiga/Lightwave IFF, Autodesk CEL & FLIC, BMP, GIF, Electric Image IMG, JPEG, PhotoShop PSD, PNG, SoftImage PIC, SGI RGB, Targa and TIFF. The Windows clipboard is also supported for exporting. In most cases these drivers will support B&W, 8-bit colormapped, 24-bit RGB and 32-bit RGBA formats.
* Export scenes to Okino's "NuGraf Rendering System" program for fast, photo-realistic scanline or multi-threaded ray trace renderings, animation and material/texture editing.
* Well known for processing huge files quickly