PageForm, Win

PageForm, Win
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The PageForm Plug-in for Adobe PageMaker allows you to create forms within PageMaker that contain text fields, check boxes, radio buttons and other types of controls typically found within PDF on-line forms.

PageForm allows you to take advantage of PageMaker's page layout and design capabilities to create interactive forms and documents in a single step. Using PageForm you can create complete, sophisticated, interactive designs within PageMaker. You can review, test and amend those designs in real-time in one application so dramatically reducing the cycle time necessary to create sophisticated navigable PDF documents.

Forms created using PageForm can be converted to PDF format for electronic distribution and filling in on-line and printing. You can also print these forms for filling-in manually on paper should you so wish.

Form controls are selected and dragged from the PageForm floating palette to the position in which they should be placed within the PageMaker publication.

Apart from the creation of the PDF form controls many other Acrobat features have also been added to PageMaker by PageForm. PageMaker is already rich in features such as the ability to create bookmarks, articles, links from table of contents and indexes. PageForm adds Action Handlers (both document and mouse event), JavaScript (formatting, calculating, validating and events) and Named Destinations amongst its many features.

PageMaker files that contain PageForm information can be distributed, and PDFs can be created including forms output by PageForm, without the need to have the PageForm plug-in installed.

PageForm (Win 95/98/2000/ME/XP and NT4.0)
Requires PageMaker Version 6 or above