Opus Pro 04, Win

Opus Pro 04, Win
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Opus Pro 04 provides fast track development for the widest range of applications from simple interactive business cards, through presentations, online games and multimedia web pages to full-blown audio-visual database applications. Easy enough for anyone with a reasonable knowledge of computing, yet versatile and robust enough for professional and commercial requirements.

This version of Opus concentrates on improved quality and productivity with a improved interface and more options to customise things the way you want them. But it still includes over 100 new features and enhancements. Here are some of the highlights...

* Smoother Video: Opus 04 now provides a range of video display options to suit your requirements to ensure you get the best from any file. The Chromakey options offers smooth video even in irregular shapes or with other objects overlaid.

* Create Tables and Listboxes: New list box object and a function to create an array of text boxes as a table.

* Smoother Text: Text is now fully anti-aliased even when rotated.

* Flash Export Included: Opus 04 now includes the Flex extension allowing you to publish your publication to Macromedia Flash format. You can also publish Direct X exclusive publications.

* Change Properties Action: Change the fill or line of vector objects on command.

* QuickBuild: Automates common tasks

* New Question Wizard: Even quicker and simpler way to create a range of quizzes and traingin materials.

* Minimise, Maximise and Always on Top Actions: Lets you control your publication window while its running.

* Page Number Variable: Script now includes a variable to give you the current page number.

* Reset Page action
* Key-released trigger
* Random Show and Hide
* Palette Bar for easy access to colours
* Line Styles, Arrows lines and Gradient Fills for Vector objects.
* CD Writing built-in.
* Permissions and Lock Out to protect finished work.
* Evaluation and simple Copy Protection options for finished publications.
* Outline Text, Smart Quotes and Insert Symbol functions
* Tooltip prompts for script syntax

System Requirements
Minimum System Requirements
* Any system capable of running
* Windows 95, 98, 2000, ME, XP, NT4 (with Service Pack 4).
* Pentium II (recommended)
* Monitor and graphics card capable of: 256 colours at 800 x 600 (minimum); 16 million colours at 1024 x 768 (recommended)
* 32 MB RAM
* Approx 20-50Mb HD space depending on installation options
* Sound card
* Mouse
* CD Rom
* Direct X v3 or better (recommended)
* Windows Media Player (recommended)
* Quicktime v4 (recommended)

Recommended System Requirements
* PC Compatible Pentium II 450MHz (or equivalent)
* Windows 98/ME or 2000
* 64 Mb RAM
* 50 Mb free disk space
* 16 million colour graphic card at 1024 x 768
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