AutoFocus, Mac

AutoFocus, Mac
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No other plug-in or application has such an advanced combination of image enhancement tools. A a very affordable price and under one roof you have a DeBlur, a DeNoise, an Advanced Sharpener and a JPEG ArteFact cleaner.

Improve Output Quality
With HumanSoft AutoFocus makes the best of all digital photos/logos or illustrations:

* Powerful filter to Reduce Image Noise and Grain
* Reduces/Removes line screen patterns from flatbed scans
* Fast preview at the one to one level of the final result within a large preview
* Advanced DeBlur to Perform DeConvolution that invert the blurring process
* Powerful HSharpen tool that surpasses all "unsharp mask" process
* Special tool to reduce JPEG Artefacts
* Works in RGB or CMYK color space
* Enhances digital images for print and web

One Easy and very Efficient Dialog with a large Preview
HumanSoft AutoFocus will let you preview your image and examine very fast within a large preview window at the pixel level what is the level of denoise and deblur you wish to apply. The setting may be saved and apply over and over again in a couple of clicks.

HumanSoft AutoFocus DeNoise surpasses any conventional Gaussian Blur/Median and many other existing filters by removing noise while preserving image edges.

HumanSoft AutoFocus Focus reverses the formula by which the image has been blurred, NO functions/tricks/action can let you perform that in your current graphic application

HumanSoft AutoFocus HSharp surpasses any conventional UnSharpMasking and enables you to get focus without loosing your tonal range.

JPEG Artefacts are quite common and require a special treatment so we have added our own proprietary JPEG Artefact Removal tool.

HumanSoft AutoFocus unlike other plugins works in both RGB and CMYK mode.

HumanSoft AutoFocus has been designed as a plug-in for all applications supporting photoshop plug-in (Adobe Photoshop 5.5 to 7, Photoshop Elements, Corel PhotoPaint, Painter, Jasc PaintShop, ULead, MicroSoft Picture or PhotoDraw and many more).

Who should use HumanSoft AutoFocus?
HumanSoft Autofocus will satisfy a wide range of users :

* Professional Photographers that need everyday to change the size of their photos while keeping the best quality
* Invaluable to publishing and advertising companies who need the photographs in their magazines or newspapers to be sharp.
* Digital Photographers to get rid of chroma noise while keeping the maximum details
* ReFocus Images without loosing color tonal Range
* Web designers to sharpen web images for utmost quality
* Hobbyists that get noisy and blurry images out of their digital camera

AutoFocus 1 for Macintosh is a Plug-In for all Applications on Mac OS 9/X that run Photoshop Plug-Ins.
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