AutoCorrect, Win

AutoCorrect, Win
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ManufacturerHuman Software
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Reclaim Lost Colors and Details in Photos in One Click

AutoCorrect 1.0 is a very efficient one click color correction, it is not based on curves (even if we have added it for a perfect final tune-up) but based upon the techniques professionals are using in darkrooms. With AutoCorrect you get a professional picture enhancement tool in RGB or CMYK...directly on a layer of Photoshop if you wish...

Make Your Photos Stand-Out with Multiple controls in one Easy Dialog

Why spend more for another sharpener or picture enhancement tools... Why trying to manipulate several tools one by one such as Levels/Curves without being sure of the final output and loosing details at each step.

AutoCorrect uses a unique technique that provides better image enhancement, crispy and life-like images. You have the best available at a very affordable plug-in price. AutoCorrect is a plug-in and it will work among other inside all version of Photoshop from 4 to 7, Photoshop Elements, Jasc PaintShop, ULead, Microsoft Picture, Painter and even Illustrator, Freehand and many more...

Improve your Output Quality

You want the best of your images., with AutoCorrect you will be able to make the best of already good photos or simply save photos you thought you would never be able to use :

* Ultra efficient Sharpening that gives better results than Photoshop USM tool.
* Scans correction and enhancement in one click
* Photo Restoration, reclaim lost colors and details through a unique professional technique
* Combine several adjustment in one click for the best image-tuning
* Enhance digital images for print and web
* Work on RGB and CMYK images, and best of all ultra fast.
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