Freeway Pro Version 3.5, Mac

Freeway Pro Version 3.5, Mac
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Features & Benefits
* Drag-and-drop virtually any type of content straight on to your page. Use native Illustrator 10, Photoshop 7, GIF, JPEG, Quicktime, MPEG and SWF file formats. You can even drag-and-drop MP3s from iTunes right into your Freeway page! And if you need to re-create an existing Web site, simply drag the elements directly from your browser into Freeway.
* Freeway Pro Version 3.5 gives you full access to all of the active fonts on your Macintosh. Set headlines and create graphics, using type of any size or color, and adjust leading, letterspacing, range kerning, baseline shift and more-all with thousandth of an em precision.
* Image Transparency - Place the Photoshop file in your layout, just like any other graphic. Where images overlap, Freeway will use the transparency data to composite the images to a Web-ready format. Combining images using transparency is a feature that no other Web design tool supports.
* Freeway Pro Version 3.5 is localized in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian and Japanese, all in one application. Simply select your language in the Mac OS, and all the menus will appear in your language. In addition, Freeway ships with spelling and hyphenation dictionaries for 14 languages.
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