Freeway 4 Pro, Mac

Freeway 4 Pro, Mac
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Freeway is best compared with QuarkXPress or Adobe InDesign; it's a design application that has everything you need to produce the highest quality content (and of course, with no need to write any code). Learn more...

Freeway 4 Pro has been completely redesigned to make it easier to use, yet even more powerful:

* CSS layout and CSS styling
* Standards-compliant XHTML output
* Graphic box and text effects
* Transparency/Opacity
* Unicode support
* More features...

There has been a tremendous amount of effort made "under the hood", and while of course you can't see it, Freeway 4 is now the solid foundation for the next generation of Softpress products.

Freeway is based on the desktop publishing (DTP) model, which is now universal in print design and production. Working in Freeway, you design an entire site in one document, just as you might lay out a magazine or book in a single DTP document. This makes it impossible to make a bad link between pages in your site, or to name two things identically, or to make any of the hundreds of other possible mistakes when hand-editing pages one at a time.

When you design in Freeway, you aren't writing code, and you aren't focused on the code which will represent your design on the Web. You are designing. Period.

Whatever HTML, CSS, or optimized graphics needed to represent your design in a Web browser will be generated from your design automatically when you publish your site. And in most cases, the layout you design in your mind and in Freeway will survive the many browser/platform pitfalls that await any content on the web-without any special effort on your part.

Previous versions of Freeway have thrilled designers around the world with a combination of print-quality typography, precision page layout and superb image control. Freeway 4 raises the stakes even higher.

While Freeway Pro 3 could be used to create CSS (table-less) page layouts using absolute positioning, Freeway 4 exposes the real power of CSS through relative positioning, percentage scaling of all elements, partial styles, and more, and all with the legendary Freeway WYSIWYG design view.

Designing with standards means that you can trust that a modern browser will always render your pages consistently. It also means that you can create designs that work well for visually disabled visitors using "speaking" browsers, or cell-phone/PDA users risking life and limb looking at your site while driving. And it means you get to put those ugly little buttons on the bottom of the page. Create cutting edge XHTML Strict without a trip to MIT for a Master's degree.

Create exciting edge effects, shadows and glows-even rough edges-on graphic text and images. You won't need to leave Freeway, and you won't need to modify your original artwork or create multiple versions.

Use any font installed on your Mac to create graphic headlines or other decorative elements. All of the effects above can be applied to the text-even on a character by character basis. Use advanced kerning, tracking, baseline shift, and more to refine your typographical message. Use any color or combination of colors you like. When you publish, a graphic will be created out of the text. The text remains editable within Freeway.

Freeway 3 introduced a fully transparent graphic compositing engine, but Freeway 4 takes that idea to the next level. Any object on the page, even characters of type, can have transparency or variable opacity.

When you overlap two transparent objects, Freeway will either composite them together, or maintain them as separate layered objects in the final layout. Anti-aliasing to blend overlapping colors is automatically calculated.

Freeway 4 Pro supports transparent images from Photoshop, Illustrator and Freehand, Fireworks, and many other applicati
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