Vector Studio 2, Mac/Win

Vector Studio 2, Mac/Win
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Vector Studio 2 includes powerful shape editing tools in the Direction Handler and Wrinkle Remover plug-ins, elegant texturing facilities in the Zoom Lens, Gradient Factory, Gradient Texture plug-ins, intuitive and interactive color editing tools with the Sampler Tools and Retouch Brushes plug-ins, and workspace management utilities in the Palette Shepherd plug-in.

Vector Studio 2.0's suite of Adobe Illustrator plug-ins brings designers stunning creative filters and "can't do without" workflow tools. Vector Studio 2's eight plug-ins include powerful shape editing tools, elegant texturing facilities, intuitive and interactive color editing, and workspace management.

Vector Studio 2 is tightly integrated into the Illustrator working environment, as can be seen in the Quickstart Guide. Vector Studio 2 is fully compatible with Adobe Illustrator 9 and 10 for Mac OS9/Mac OSX/Windows and Illustrator CS for Windows.

Listed below are the Eight incredible plug-ins contained in Vector Studio 2:

* Palette Sheperd
Tired of trying to organize all those palettes? Let Palette Shepherd save multiple snapshots of your Adobe Illustrator working environment that you can recall instantly!

* Direction Handler
Edit multiple path direction points simultaneously. Use symmetry snapping to edit one half of your design while the other half is adjusted automatically.

* Zoom Lens
Apply live magnification effects to artwork visible behind a lens, or create special effects lenses using Illustrator's live effects feature.

* Retouch Brush Tools
Retouch Brushes bring a new and powerful interaction to color editing in Illustrator. Create fabulous airbrush effects and realistic images with vector-based art using an image as a reference. Then refine it with brighten, darken, and saturate brushes for stunning result.

* Sampler Tools
Adjust the colors of your design with two new powerful colorization techniques, Gradient Sampling and Image Sampling.

* Wrinkle Remover
Paint out extra control points while preserving the overall look of curves. It's great for cleaning up raster-to-vector conversions.

* Gradient Factory
Creates collections of gradients by automatically creating and color shifting gradient stops. These collections are displayed in the Gradient Factory palette and can be applied with a single mouse click.

* Gradient Texture
Gives Illustrators the subtle shading characteristics of image-based texturing techniques, while maintaining the resolution independent qualities of a vector drawing environment. Use gradients to create beautiful, organic textures that look the same for print and the web!
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