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Envelope Mesh Win/Mac Envelope Mesh Win/Mac    by Virtual Mirror

The most powerful enveloping tool available in any drawing environment, Envelope Mesh allows you to bend and manipulate artwork live and right on Illustrator's artboard. Windows System... Read More

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Selection Hat for Windows/Mac Selection Hat for Windows/Mac    by Virtual Mirror

Selection Hat is an Adobe Illustrator plug-in software. Name and save selections, and recall them when you need to. The named selections created with Selection Hat are saved with your document, so... Read More

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Vector Studio Mac/Win Vector Studio Mac/Win    by Virtual Mirror

Vector's Studio's suite of Adobe® Illustrator® plug-ins brings designers a balance of stunning creative filters and everyday tools to make artwork creation simpler and more enjoyable. Plug-ins... Read More

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Vector Studio 2, Mac/Win Vector Studio 2, Mac/Win    by Virtual Mirror

Vector Studio 2 includes powerful shape editing tools in the Direction Handler and Wrinkle Remover plug-ins, elegant texturing facilities in the Zoom Lens, Gradient Factory, Gradient Texture plug-ins,... Read More

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Vector Studio 2 Bundle Version, Mac/Win Vector Studio 2 Bundle Version, Mac/Win    by Virtual Mirror

A suite of Illustrator plugs-ins that can make your Illustrator files pop off the page or screen even more than they already do. Vector Studio 2.0's suite of Adobe® Illustrator®... Read More

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