Vector Studio 2 Bundle Version, Mac/Win

Vector Studio 2 Bundle Version, Mac/Win
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A suite of Illustrator plugs-ins that can make your Illustrator files pop off the page or screen even more than they already do.

Vector Studio 2.0's suite of Adobe® Illustrator® plug-ins brings designers a balance of stunning creative filters and everyday tools to make artwork creation simpler and more enjoyable.

Vector Studio 2 includes powerful shape editing tools in the Direction Handler and Wrinkle Remover plug-ins, elegant texturing facilities in the Zoom Lens, Gradient Factory, Gradient Texture plug-ins, intuitive and interactive color editing tools with the Sampler Tools and Retouch Brushes plug-ins, and workspace management utilities in the Palette Shepherd plug-in.

Vector Studio 2 is tightly integrated inside the Illustrator working environment. You can see the layout of Vector Studio in this Quickstart Guide diagram.

Vector Studio 2 is fully compatible with versions 10 of Adobe Illustrator. Available on both Macintosh and Windows.

Palette Shepherd
Tired of trying to organize all those palettes? Let Palette Shepherd save multiple snapshots of your Adobe Illustrator working environment that you can recall instantly!

Direction Handler
Edit multiple path direction points simultaneously. Use symmetry snapping to edit one half of your design while the other half is adjusted automatically.

Zoom Lens
Apply live magnification effects to artwork visible behind a lens, or create special effects lenses using Illustrator's live effects feature.

Sampler Tools
Adjust the colors of your design with two new powerful colorization techniques, Gradient Sampling and Image Sampling.

Retouch Brush Tools
Edit several objects or gradient mesh vertices at the same time with a painting interface.

Wrinkle Remover
Paint out extra control points while preserving the overall look of curves. It's great for cleaning up raster-to-vector conversions.

Gradient Factory
Creates collections of gradients by automatically creating and color shifting gradient stops. These collections are displayed in the Gradient Factory palette and can be applied with a single mouse click.

Gradient Texture
Gives Illustrators the subtle shading characteristics of image-based texturing techniques, while maintaining the resolution independent qualities of a vector drawing environment. Use gradients to create beautiful, organic textures that look the same for print and the web!

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