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Africa Music Africa Music    by Wink Music

The dark continent is calling. Haunting voices chant against a backdrop of spirited percussion. Listen as the sounds of the kora and bull roarer drift over the Serengeti. Traditional rhythms and... Read More

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Europe & Asia Music Europe & Asia Music    by Wink Music

Music from Western Europe, China, and Japan includes Parisian accordionists, strolling Italians, spirited Flamenco guitarists, Japanese traditional Koto; plus German, Greek, and more

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Real Chicago Blues Real Chicago Blues    by Wink Music

Enter a dark, smoky bar where harmonicas wail heartfelt songs. And faster, more intense rhythms keep you moving. You get guitar, bass, piano-and other classic blues instruments. It's music that's been... Read More

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Planet Rhythm Audio CD Planet Rhythm Audio CD    by Wink Music

Global music to take you on an around-the-world tour. Get swept away to the Australian outback. To the plains of Africa. And the peaks of the Andes. Get inspired by exotic world music from Greece to... Read More

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Smokin' Funky Beats Music Smokin' Funky Beats Music    by Wink Music

:30, :60 and :60+ minute tracks featuring cool hip-hop and funky dancin' World Beat. The compositions are produced by Chicago dance producers M-Doc and Dean Anderson. M-Doc has re-mixed tracks for... Read More

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The Latin Vybe Music The Latin Vybe Music    by Wink Music

Mambo, Salsa, Merengue, Rhumba, Brazilian Sambas, and Peru pan pipe, sizzling percussion and horns

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World Sounds Vol. 1 World Sounds Vol. 1    by Wink Music

Double disk audio CD set with 135 minutes of music from 5 continents; includes 25 exotic sound effects. Files are Red Book Audio.

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More Smokin' Funky Beats More Smokin' Funky Beats    by Wink Music

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Tex N'Mex Tex N'Mex    by Wink Music

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Opus Pro 04, Win Opus Pro 04, Win    by Digital Workshop

Opus Pro 04 provides fast track development for the widest range of applications from simple interactive business cards, through presentations, online games and multimedia web pages to full-blown... Read More

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