PhotoSpray 1.0, Mac

PhotoSpray 1.0, Mac
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ManufacturerHuman Software
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Create new natural landscapes in a few brush strokes! When you get PhotoSpray and the Sprayettes Volume 2, you have 150 photo-realistic sprays at your fingertips!

* At the touch of a brush, blow tons of leaves, flowers, or trees onto any of your images . . . this really is photo-realistic painting!
* Use the collection of more than 50 "Sprayettes" including plants, flowers, or trees to create stunningly realistic landscapes
* An indispensable tool for creating realistic textures and backgrounds
* Features unique controls over your spraying: color, size, spacing, opacity, shadow width, orbital adjustments, and more
* Create your own Sprayette - clone anything and add it to the library
* All "Sprayettes" also come as "nozzles" within Painter.
* An essential tool for designers, web-artists, architects, etc.
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