Squizz! 4.4, Win

Squizz! 4.4, Win
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ManufacturerHuman Software
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If it Doesn't Fit! Squizz! It...
Wrap Precisely almost anything...

NEW RELEASE 4.4 ... Now works also with GrayScale and RGB 16bits Images

* Brush for Stunning Image Distortions, Ultra Cool with the new freeze option!
* Advanced Grids Warping features, Precise...
* A Bezier Grid Like on a super High End system
* Envelopes to warp Bitmap on shapes
* Distort with 3 Bezier Paths, Unique!!
* Larger Previews and Unique Pan&Zoom at any level of details
* Squizz supports LAB/RGB/CMYK, large images even rectangular!
* Squizz works on layers (keep the transparency)
* Squizz lets you distort to any kind of templates
* Perform Morphs and Tweening inside Photoshop!
* Create QuickTime Movies inside Photoshop...

Squizz over Photoshop Liquefy:
* Brushes have no limits in Squizz (600 pixels limit in Liquefy).
* Brushes in Squizz are working through a virtual mechanism with the same speed whatever the picture size.
* Brushes feature also jitter and displace
* Warp rendering is faster in Squizz on large images
* Advanced Grids with full control over the way you create it perfect for label warp (grids are not available in Liquefy!)
* Envelopes (not available in Liquefy!)
* Coons and Path warping (not available in Liquefy!)
* Works with 16bits RGB/Grayscale Images (not available in Liquefy!)
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