ClassicFrames Vol. 4, Mac

ClassicFrames Vol. 4, Mac
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ManufacturerHuman Software
Our Part # HUM405

ClassicFrames Features:

* ClassicFrames is the ideal tool to give the final classy touch to your images.
* The frames provided are exactly the one you would use to hang up expensive paintings or all kind of photos in a gallery or around your home.
* With ClassicFrames Photoshop filter plug-in you frame around your photos up to 60 beautiful traditional picture frames per volume, these frames can be combined across multiple layers, to create infinite variations.
(Adobe Photoshop/Corel PhotoPaint/Jasc PaintShop...)
* Among ClassicFrames features you will find :
- 60 beautiful traditional picture frames per volume to be used inside Photoshop/PhotoPaint/PaintShop/PageMaker/Illustrator/Freehand...
* Create or combine existing frames for infinite variations !
* No Step&Repeat Artefacts unlike other plug-ins
* Create Multiple Mats in a Snap
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