Freeway Express Version 3.5, Mac

Freeway Express Version 3.5, Mac
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Freeway Express Version 3.5 gives you the speed, power and design flexibility of Freeway Pro, at a price that makes it perfect for hobbyists, students or Web beginners.

Design The Web
Freeway Express Version 3.5 brings the same WYSIWYG* approach to Web design as our award-winning professional tool, Freeway Pro.
This means you can start building your site with an idea, not a list of "can't do that in HTML" restrictions, and you'll see your results immediately.

In action, Freeway Express Version 3.5 handles like a desktop publishing or "Works" application. You draw-or simply drag and drop-pictures, text, graphic headlines and rich media right onto the page. Scale, rotate, distort, and overlap these graphic elements and combine them with HTML text with total design freedom.

Each time you change your design, Freeway Express Version 3.5 completely re-writes the HTML code and re-compresses all the graphics, so your site is always optimized for the Web. And since your entire site is generated from one Freeway document, there is virtually no way to create a bad link from page to page.

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